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2019-08-09 19:46
Update rules on Item & Coin abuses | Dota2BestYolo

After we had taken some serious actions on several users who abused our Coin system by spamming loads of wrong price items. Those items had their price dropped badly in just 24-48 hours. We suspect those users have purchased them at high stocks to raise the item’s price & try to take advantage of it. 

They made a great cost to our Store, and such we’re affected by it. This kind of behaviour must stop. Dealing with our “key customers” is something we need to make clear out of it, that it must not affect our contributed customers. We just want abusers to stay off.

From that, we decided to put an update in our Terms of Service - https://dota2bestyolo.com/rules, any suspected abusers will have their account locked. You’ll have 2 days to appeal thought our mailbox or via direct chat. The account will be banned permanently if it passes 48 hours or the user can’t explain those actions.

-Official Dota2BestYolo-

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