Before you follow our instructions, make sure that:

  1. You've updated your Steam Offer URL
  2. Your Steam inventory is not set as private or Steam account doesn't have a trade ban.
  3. Your account has not yet connected with Steam Mobile Authenticator.

To Deposit:

You can add a maximum of 30 items and for each bot trades.

  1. Go to “MyID”.
  2. Select tab “Steam Inventory”.
  3. Wait for your inventory to load, then choose the items you want to bet with.
  4. Click “Deposit”.
  5. Wait for our Confirmation box to show up, then click “Proceed”.Note: Please only accept offer from the link opened when you click “Proceed”.
  6. Accept Trade and confirm your trade in the Steam Mobile App. Note: All our trade offers include a Bot ID and Support Code (marked in the screenshot). If you run into any problems with your trades, include them in your ticket, otherwise it will be difficult for us to assist you.
  7. Your items will be converted into the corresponding amount of coins. You can check “Convert Coins” tab to see the log.
  8. Voila! Now you can start betting with Dota2BestYolo.
We only sort items by their names, unique features such as nametags and sockets are excluded. The items that are returned to you may not be the same as the ones you have placed, so please don’t deposit items that have unique features if you want to keep your original items.

To Claim:

  1. Select tab “D2BY Inventory”.
  2. Wait for your inventory to load, then choose the items you want to claim.
  3. Click “Withdraw”.
  4. Click “Proceed”.
  5. Accept Trade. Note: All our trade offers include a Bot ID and Support Code (marked in the screenshot). If you run into any problems with your trades (e.g: Not showing up on the stash), include them in your ticket, otherwise it will be difficult for us to assist you. Since it’s a withdrawal, you will not need to confirm the trade with Steam Mobile app.

    Note: Do not put items inside the bot while withdrawing items. The items will not be accepted by the system and will be lost. Please take notice and only deposit as we instructed above. – Empower Your Experience

How to buy items using Golden/Silver Coin

  1. Select “Store” Tab.
  2. Select “Golden Coin” or “Silver Coin”.
  3. Select the item type: Dota 2, CS:GO or PUBG.
  4. Select the type of item you want to bet (Dota 2 or CSGO).
  5. Click “Buy” to confirm your order. Note that you can only buy using your Available Coins.
  6. Check your D2BY inventory. You can see your purchase history on “My Play” page.

The rate of the match depends on 2 factors: number of items and our default listed rate
The rate will automatically be changed when the items placed on a team changes
To place your bet, you need to add the appropriate items to your betting stash

To Bet:

  1. Go to “Games” Tab.
  2. Click the match you want to play, if the match has multiple bet types, pick the type of your choice.
  3. Choose the team you want to win.
  4. Select Golden Coin or Silver Coin.
  5. Select the amount you want to wager, winning will get you the amount of coins indicated in Temporary Reward and click Confirm. You can check your bet later by select “My Play” tab.
  6. Note: You may change the team you bet for a maximum of 3 times, afterward it’s final and cannot be altered.

  1. Select “x2Game” Tab.
  2. Enter the amount of coins you want to play. Only Golden Coin is applicable.
  3. Select the color you want to choose. A message will show when it’s successful.
  4. You will receive a notification if you win the game.
  1. Change your Steam profile name to include “”, here if you haven’t done so.
  2. Refresh your Steam profile name by clicking your profile name at the top right corner and choosing “Refresh name”.
  3. Play at least 1000 coins by placing in matches or joining x2 game.
  4. Choose “Free Coin” at the top of the webpage.
  5. Choose “Wheel of Fortune”. You can now play by clicking “Spin”.

To Predict:

    Aside from normal betting feature, there will be Special Matches with extra prediction function for you to win extra prizes.
    Simply input the number you think inside the box as you proceed with your bets and click “Place Bet”. (Example: If you think 31 users predicted that Team A would win, type “31”).
    Five most accurate winners with the closest guesses to the correct result (max. 50 points lower than the total number of correct predictions) will earn 5000 coins for their efforts !
    Note: You have to place bet to be able to participate in the Prediction. However, the prediction itself is completely free !

    After the match ends, you can check your result in the Predict section below or in the “My Play” tab. Winners will have their prize directly added to their Coin balance.

Level up:

To bring benefits and better experience for our users, comes packed with an exclusive level system with more perks as our site becomes your favorite. The more you play, the more you win, the greater your account will become, with expanded functionalities and rewarding bonuses!

For every 100 value placed, you gain 1 level.

Note:These are only level-exclusive rewards and added functions, there are still many events and promotions where you can get bonuses and items. Go to for more details!

Level Maximum Available Trade
1 2
5 3
15 4
25 5
35 6
45 7

Steam guard:

  1. Search “Steam” on Google App Store or Apple Store, download and install it.
  2. Open the app after installing.
  3. Log in with your Steam account.
  4. Touch the menu on the top left corner.
  5. Select “Steam Guard”.
  6. Select “Setting”.
  7. Tick the checkbox to enable Steam Guard on your mobile device.
  8. Select “Next”.
  9. Type in your phone number with an international prefix.
  10. Wait for an SMS to be sent to your number, then input the code into the box, then select “Submit”.
  11. Write down your recovery code and store it safely somewhere else in case your phone is lost, then continue (This is very important, if you lose this code, your Steam Account may be compromised).
  12. Finished. Now you will see a code at the top, which changes every 30 seconds.You can use it to log in your Steam account anywhere. Also, trade offer confirmation will appear in your mobile Steam app, you need to confirm the offer here in order to make it valid. Steam Guard Mobile Authentication must be enabled for at least 7 days before you can confirm your trade offers in the app.
Note: You must have enabled confirmation of trade in your inventory privacy settings before you can use Steam Mobile to confirm trade offers as shown below:

There are two ways to access it:

  1. Go to Your Steam Inventory  Inventory Privacy Settings.
  2. Go to Your Steam Profile  Edit Profile  My Privacy Settings.
More information:

You cannot use our services (Case, Free Coin, Store, MyID) because they are related to Steam In-game items. You need to connect your D2BY account to a Steam account with Steam Mobile Authenticator enabled to use our services.

  1. Create a Steam Account (If you already have a steam account, please proceed to step 2)

    In order to use some of our services (CASE, STORE, FREE COIN) you need to connect with your Steam Account

    To create Steam account, please click here:

  2. Connect your Steam account with D2BY account (Dota2BestYolo account)

    To connect Steam account with D2BY account, please click here:

  3. Set your Trade offer URL

    To set Trade offer URL, please click here: