#UPDATE Dota2BestYolo.com 22/6/2019 - Changelog

The Kingpin
2019-06-22 14:58

UPDATE 22/6/2019 - Changelog

Today update brought many new exciting features that benefit both newcomers and regular users. In addition, several changes to the Roll section were made to improve user experience on our website. Some legacy features will be disabled for rework until further announcement.

  1. A new way to earn coins - for free!

    • Introduce new function that allows you to spin once every 15 minutes to get free coins, up to 70 spins/week!
    • Users with "dota2bestyolo.com" in Steam profile name get X2 bonus!


  • Golden hours: During certain special events, you can get X2, X3 or even X5 bonus!


  2. Roll section reworked

  • Items/Amount of coins placed in your roll must be equal or higher than 3000 Coins.
  • New setting for participation requirement: You can now set the minimum amount of coins that users must have spent in bet/arcade in the last 7 days.
  • For example, if you set the requirement to 1000 coins, anyone who wants to participate your roll must have spent at least 1000 coins in Bet/Arcade in the last 7 days.
  • Only Verified users or Moderators can create Roll; Contact our Support Staff for more information! (G. Bye Coin Abusers <3)

   3. Tip:

     Tip function will be disabled for rework until further announcement.

    4. Wheel of Fortune:

Wheel of fortune function will be disabled for rework until further announcement.

   5. Call to Sign Up!

  • Added a bonus of 5000 Golden Coins as a starter pack for new users
  • New users must complete Account info(Trade Offer URL; Verified Email; Confirmations)

(Only REAL user gets this bonus, any abuse might be blocked permanently)

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