Guide: How to receive 5 Coins Starter Pack on Dota2BestYolo

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2019-08-09 22:20
Guide: How to receive 5000 Coins Starter Pack on Dota2BestYolo

Guide: How to receive 5 Coins Starter Pack on Dota2BestYolo

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Sign up” and register by filling in the registration form or signing up using Steam 
  3. Verify your email address and accept our user’s agreement
  • Go to and make sure that your Steam offer URL is valid and your inventory privacy setting is public.
  • Note: Only verified new users are eligible for this bonus. Newly created or limited accounts are not eligible. Please check your email address/your notification on our website after 12-24 hours to receive the latest notices.

Steam Account is not limited (Steam Mobile Authenticator Guard enabled & played plenty of Dota/CSGO or any other Steam games)

Is it worth it?

Totally! 5 Coins is equivalent to 1/6 of an Arcana. Just a few plays and it's yours!

Who's eligible to receive this bonus? 

Actual users who would want to try out our site before depositing a huge amount of items.

Your account was rejected or no response after 24 hours? 

Contact via our Facebook Live Chat for direct assistants! 

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