Dota2BestYolo Update Changelogs 2019

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Dota2BestYolo Update  Changelogs 2019

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Dota 2 Best Yolo
1. Golden Coins: Before the update, the conversion ratio when you deposit items is $1 = 1000 coins. Now after update, the conversion ratio will be $1 = 1 coins. All current coins will be scaled accordingly, there is no change of real value.
2. User interface: Store, news and blog interface are reworked.
3.Match Bets: League of Legends and other sports matches are added.
4. Cash deposit & new game modes: In beta testing phase for insiders and developer.
5.Other improvements for better user experience.
6. Cases: algorithm is reworked. User's Interface is updated and the probability of rewards is shown for each item.

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