Halloween Giveaway - Winners

The Kingpin
2018-11-08 19:58

 Celebrated the Spooky Holiday, and the introduction of our ROLL function, We've had some Arcana Trick-or-Treating as celebration for the day. 

Our winners are: 

  • LOLdota2bestyolo.com | 403,000 Coins 
  •  dota2shit0006 | 119,163
  • CoinsHEXAMON dota2bestyolo.com | 87,375 Coins
  • Aan DOTA2BESTYOLO.COM | 29,000 Coins
  • Kiki-sama DOTA2BESTYOLO.COM | 28,000 Coins

Our giveaway was aimed to send many prizes through out the participants (6000+), but unfortunately due to the default pre-set in the Roll system caused it to have only 5 winners in a single roll. 

We know that you're not yet satisfied with this event, for that we're truely sorry for all that contribute during the event. A new Roll will be hosted soon as a tribute, hopefully it might refill somewhat. We'll make sure everything runs perferctly.

The upcoming roll password: "D2BYSorry"

+1 1387

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