[Special Prediction Event] Main Event GRAND FINAL!

2017-08-12 20:34
Source: Dota2BestYolo

🔥 Prediction Event Final Day! Your Final Chance! 🔥

For the Final Day, the stake is high, and the prizes are even higher!

 🔥 Win 10.000 Coins Each for correct prediction of match 🔥
️️🏆 LGD.FY vs Liquid ️🏆

🔥 Win ONE ARCANA EACH for predicting The International 7 Champion 🔥
🏆 Newbee vs Winner of LGD.FY/Liquid ️🏆


(Example: If you think 31 users predicted that Virtus.Pro would win, type “31”). Five fastest and most accurate predictions (max. 50 points lower than the total number of correct predictions) will be picked as winners. You must predict in the LINKS, not the comment section of the post.

⚠️ Notes:

- People who do not make their prediction in the prediction box will not be counted towards the total number of correct predictions. Also, people who choose the losing team will not be counted, either.

- You will not lose anything if you lose the prediction, however you must place bet in order to predict.

⁉️ Still don't know how to participate? Read here!


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