Special betting

Warning: Please pay attention to the notes for the game we give before you bet. Under some circumstances these notes will affect the outcome of the bet.

The note shall be shown hereunder:

For example: The game has match id #5297, Euro 2016 between Spain and Ukraine. The note of the game is: Ukraine has 1 ½ goal Advantage. This means that Spain needs to win Ukraine with a gap of at least 2 goals. The game ended with the score 1-0 in favor of Spain, so the winner was Ukraine (the score of the bet is Spain 1 : 1.5 Ukraine). If you did not notice the notes you could completely mistake as Spain won.

Note: For football matches, only result in full time is counted (full time includes 2 halves of 45 minutes each and stoppage/injury time of each half). Often you would see about 2-3 mins stoppage/injury time indicated like, for example, 45+2'. Please be aware that all goals in stoppage/injury are counted towards final result.


* You must be 18 year-old or older in order to use our service. We are not responsible for any consequences if you are younger.


Match – a game or series of games between the two teams.

Game - a single game, a part of a series of games (Bo3, Bo5).

Postponed - match postponed to another day / time.

Default win (Def-win) - A team cannot play a match or tournament administration has announced a def-win due to a violation of rules.

Forfeit - The team decided not to play this game / games for some reason.

Wrong match - Incorrect information about the match.

Schedule change – The tournament organizer has changed the schedule of a match.

Wrong time - match does not start as scheduled.

Items draft delayed - Items which have been won from a match is temporarily unavailable

Paused - The match is played, but it was suspended for some reason. The match may be cancelled if the game does not continue within 36 hours.

Not confirmed yet - The match will be canceled if within 36 hours there is no the information from the organizer or administrator of the tournament.

1. Basic rules

1.1 Upon using dota2bestyolo.com services, you agree to all of our rules. We will not resolve any problem if you violate our rules.

1.2 With regard to the value of your items: each item price on dota2bestyolo.com is determined by the system based on the prices in the Steam Market. If you do not agree with the value of your items as defined by our system, you can select other items or to not bet.

1.3 All prices for the items are subject to daily updates without any notice. The price of item can be changed even when the bet has already been closed.

- In order to see the price of the items, you need to go to your Betting stash.

1.4 In some cases, if the potential reward from the rates are very low (typically below 0.1), there is a chance that you get nothing but your original set of items. In addition to this rule: in some cases, when the chance of winning one team is more heavily favored than the other, and you bet on this team, you may be left without any reward. Why is this happening: too many people who bet on the winning team than the total of the losing team at that rate. In this case, the potential reward becomes very small. It all depends on the total number and value of the items placed.

1.5 We have many different rates for different type of bet: 1st game, 2nd game, 3rd game, final result. These types of bets can be activated depending on the match, sometimes it can be just one type of bet (BO1) or many available (BO2/3/5/7). It depends on the game mode, as well as from information provided by the tournament administration. You must understand that all bets are independent from each other and have different rules.

- Final result: The result of rate depends only on the winning team in the Series. % set for both sides, as shown in the match section.

- The 1st/2nd/3rd game: The rate is based only on the particular game. Bet on the 1st/2nd/3rd game is only available if the match has more than 1 game in the series.

1.6 On any match or any type of bet you can place a maximum of 8 items (Dota 2 or CS:GO).

1.7 We are not responsible for any unique features of your items such as nametag, description tag, sockets, etc. So please consider this, since there is a possibility that you may not get the same item back.

1.8 All items in your winnings will have 40 days before expiration. If you do not bet or withdraw them after 40 days, they will be claimed by ourselves and disappear from your betting stash.

1.9 All bets will be closed 5 minutes before it starts (as scheduled by the organizers). You can switch the team 5 minutes before the match starts.

2.0 Match results are confirmed when administration of the tournament announce the results. We are not responsible for any other results provided by the organizers (example: one team was disqualified on the basis of the rules of the League).


2. Additional rules:

2.1 In case the match format can result in a draw (example BO2), and the game ended with the score 1-1, then the bet will be closed and all placed items will be returned to their owners.

2.2 If the tournament administrators informed about the team's replacement after the user makes a bet, the match will be canceled and all items will be returned to their owners.

2.3 If a match is postponed more than 36 hours -> bet will be canceled and all items will be returned to their owners.

2.4 If the game, part of the series, is delayed by more than 36 hours -> Bet on the final result will be canceled and all items will be returned to their owners.

2.5 If a team forfeits the match (the other team gets a def-win), the bet will be canceled and all items will be returned to their owners.

2.6 In almost every case, if the team receives an def-win, the match will be canceled.

2.7 If the tournament administrators disqualify one of the teams on the basis of violations of the rules, the bet will be canceled and all items will be returned to their owners.

2.8 In the case of any change in roster of a team, the bet will not be closed. We provide information only on the schedule, but not about the roster of teams.

- This also applies to changes in the format of the match, for example, if the format BO2/BO3 is changed into BO, final bet may be closed but 1st game bet will still be counted.

2.9 In some cases, if a series of games (BO2/3/5/7) for some reason was changed to BO1 administration, the bet on first game will be canceled.

2.10 You have 40 days to retrieve your items from dota2bestyolo if you don't use them to bet. If you do not retrieve them, they will expire after 40 days and we will not help you recover any expired items.

2.11 If the result of the match was not reported correctly, we will roll back our system and fix it. All items won dishonestly will be blocked and removed, even if you already bet them on another game.

2.12 Any errors that relate to bots or missing items should be reported within 48 hours. Otherwise, the administration has the right not to take action.

2.13 If the match result is not true and most of the items have already been issued, we have the right to roll back our system, we will give you all the relevant subjects of the cost that you have lost through our fault, but you will have to provide additional information. In this case, the match at the end of it, will be considered closed.


These are the basic rules that we use, however, we have the right to make changes without notice. Changes in the rules will be posted in our forum.

Remember, you bet at your own risk.

We believe that these rules are fair for all parties involved, but if you have any suggestions, please contact us using our mail - support@dota2bestyolo.com or create a topic on the forum.

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