Set up Steam Guard

1. Search “Steam” on Google App Store, download and install it

2. After installing it, open it

3. Log in with your steam account 

4. Touch the menu on the top left corner

5. Select “Steam Guard

6. Select “Settings

7. Tick the checkbox to enable Steam Guard on your mobile device

8. Select “Next

9. Type in your phone number with an international prefix

10. Wait for an SMS to be sent to your number, then input the code into the box, then select “Submit

11. Write down your recovery code and store it somewhere else in case your phone is lost, then continue

12. Finished. Now you will see a code at the top, it will change every 30 seconds. You can use it to log in your steam account anywhere. Also, trade offer confirmation will appear in your mobile Steam app, you need to confirm the offer here in order to make it valid. Steam Guard Mobile Authentication must be enabled for at least 7 days before you can confirm your trade offers in the app.

*IMPORTANT: You must have enabled confirmation of trade in your inventory privacy settings before you can use Steam Mobile to confirm trade offers as shown below:

 There are two ways to access it

1. Go to Your Steam inventory -> Inventory Privacy Settings

2. Go to Your Steam Profile -> Edit Profile -> My Privacy Settings

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